foodlights consulting – these are Annika Becker and Nathalie Gourdin. Founded in 2019, we are the management consulting for the foodservice industry, addressing all aspects of food safety and quality management.
What sets us apart? We combine expertise in quality management and many years of experience in the fields of system catering, food industry and retail. And we’re really good at it!
We interpret excellent consulting as understanding and consistently pursuing your concerns and requirements from the very beginning. We aim to build a long-term partnership with all our business partners. One that is characterized by commitment, appreciation, and authenticity. This means that we do not work for you, but with you and your employees, side by side.
Our goal and motivation is to make food safety and quality management not only a legal requirement but rather to see it as an opportunity to set you apart of your competition.



More than simply providing you with an analysis, we want to guide you through the entire implementation process to make sure that optimizations can be truly realized. To achieve this goal, we act like short-term colleagues who assist you with all the tasks that might arise. Drawing on our many years of experience, we are well equipped to generate real added value for our clients by providing specialized consulting and extensive expertise. We achieve your goals together, driven by the utmost motivation, and perfectly tailored to your needs.
We invite you to benefit from our expertise and experience. So, let’s make conscious decisions collectively! By the way: all data and information you provide to us will be treated with the utmost confidentiality and managed in a highly secure IT infrastructure.

What sets a company apart is its processes and structures. Being able to see things independently from the outside enables us to analyze and structure your quality management processes – holistically and comprehensively. We then use this analysis to identify your company’s development potential and jointly decide how to implement it successfully and sustainably. We can provide you with assistance and advise, especially with the development of new strategies and the expansion of your offer portfolio. We help you bridge the split of the legally required and the economically sound, in order that your implementation of food safety law and guidelines isn’t only seen as the lawful application, but rather as a distinguishable asset in comparison to your competitors.

We help you to implement uniform quality standards and ensure that the goods offered fully meet your specifications. To achieve this, we carefully screen both your suppliers and their products. A risk analysis is carried out on existing product portfolios. By doing so, potential dangers in terms of both product safety and brand protection can be identified and risks minimized. Systematic supplier and specification management and the analysis of ethical principles relevant to the customer form the foundation for this.

We take over all tasks of strategic supplier and specification management. Our quality management services include the auditing of suppliers as well as the testing and evaluation of products and specifications – always tailored to your individual needs and products.

Customer expectations in terms of food labelling and nutritional facts are increasing. Among other things, more customers ask for vegan, gluten-free, or regional foods. The focus is clearly on the correct labelling. Just because a product doesn’t contain meat doesn’t mean it is vegetarian or even vegan. We support you and your team in all questions concerning the labelling of your food, the creation of legally compliant labels, and the presentation on menus. We will show you what is important so that at the very beginning of the purchasing process, care is taken to ensure that the product is ultimately perceived by your customer in the way you want it to be.

Our team specializes in all aspects of food law and is happy to pass on its expertise. This includes, among other things, feasibility studies with regard to new business concepts and the coordination with food safety authorities.
We will work in close collaboration for approval processes and food inspections, which we will plan, organize, carry out and monitor for our customers.

You want to open a cafe or restaurant and don’t know exactly which requirements and laws you have to fulfill. Or you have to think of new ways to adapt your business concept to the ever changing markets. We support you in your endeavors by helping you to understand and implement those requirements.
It is essential for us to focus on your employees so that the measures are understandable while being operationally feasible. Building upon this, we develop a meaningful and simple documentation that covers all legally required aspects. This includes hazard identification and risk analysis, work instructions, corrective actions, manuals, cleaning plans, and documentation.



Many years of professional experience have allowed us to build up an extensive network from which you can benefit

DIN SpecWir setzen Standards – foodlights consulting hat bei der Erarbeitung der DIN SPEC 91448, Leitfaden für den Betrieb eines Gaststätten- und Hotelgewerbes in Vorbereitung sowie im Zuge eines Pandemiefalls, mitgewirkt.



Ensuring quality, optimizing processes, minimizing risks, strengthening relationships. This is what foodlights consulting stands for. Together we have more than 20 years of experience in the foodservice industry. Having been a perfectly attuned team for many years, we can rely on each other – and you can rely on us.

“I can rely on more than ten years of professional experience in the foodservice industry and was previously Senior Quality Manager at one of Germany’s leading system catering companies. As such, I was responsible for all questions concerning food law, both in day-to-day business and in terms of the company’s strategic development.
This put me in charge of the design, implementation, and monitoring of internal and external audits, staff training, and the HACCP concept. As a former quality management officer at one of Germany’s leading bakery manufacturers, I am an expert on all aspects of food safety and quality management in the food industry. Besides the planning, implementation, and further development of the company-specific quality policy and quality targets, I was responsible for the IFS certifications and played a crucial role in establishing the associated QM system. Thus creating an essential link between management and production. ”

Annika Becker

“Prior to the founding of foodlights consulting, I was responsible for the strategic and operational quality management of a major system catering company. In this role, I defined all quality-relevant aspects for the systematic selection of raw materials and suppliers as well as the monitoring of their compliance. As part of this, I was in charge of designing and executing supplier audits, which had a vital influence on the company’s successful supplier management. Operationally, my responsibilities included setting quality standards for the restaurants and checking them on site. Included in this was also the drawing up of comprehensive quality-relevant documentation and manuals.
Many years of professional experience in quality management and retail round off my expertise, making me well aware of all relevant quality standards.”

Nathalie Gourdin



Our clients are all players in the foodservice industry. Be it trade, the food industry, communal catering or gastronomy, from start-ups to medium-sized companies to large corporations. As a partner for our clients, we pursue a common goal.






For us, there is not just the ONE client. Each and every client is considered and treated individually. What is suitable for one client is not somehow made suitable for the next client, but individually planned and realized. To achieve this, we have various tools at our disposal, which we use where necessary. But before it gets that far, the first meeting is first and foremost.
Professional, informative, hopefully charming, but always an open-minded approach: this is how we imagine the beginning of a potential collaboration. Be it on the phone or in-person over a cup of coffee or a glass of good wine: we are always available for an initial non-binding meeting during which we can discuss your company and your needs. At this stage, it is not important whether these are already concrete concepts or just first ideas. What matters is that our meeting is an enrichment for you.

We consider workshops to be the perfect method to work together with you and your employees on relevant questions or challenges. These different perspectives provide new stimuli and can create synergies. Direct contact enables us to gain a direct insight into your working methods, which in turn enables us to derive optimization potentials and plan the next steps directly with you.

Be it new concepts or the modification or further development of existing concepts: We assist you in aligning your ideas and needs with regulatory requirements. To do so, we can draw on our many years of experience in dealing with authorities. Together, we can achieve the balancing act between “may” and “must” and support you in general and specific questions of food law, labelling, food safety, and compliance with legal requirements.

Seeing with our own eyes what we are talking about is essential to us. We would be happy to visit your place of work to gain a better understanding of your work and the processes involved. If you wish, we can also meet your suppliers and carry out on-site food safety audits.

We will carry out hygiene checks in close collaboration with you, either announced or unannounced. This way operational weak spots can be identified, explained to your staff and be remedied. The hygiene checks consist of individual criteria while also achieving a high level of transparency and comparability.

Drawing on our many years of practical experience and proven expertise, we can provide training in all aspects of food safety. Our mission is to ensure that food safety is understood and actively pursued at all levels of management.

Since we not only know quality management from a consultant’s point of view, rather can look back on many years of experience in different companies as senior employees, we know all about the daily operational routines and strategic steering.
This enables us to take on your daily business in regards of quality management. Together we can ensure that your knowledge and structures are safe against losses in the event of sudden employee changes.
If needed, due to short time vacancies, resource bottlenecks or lack of management capacities, we will gladly take on these responsibilities self-reliantly for a period of time.



As individual as our clients and their needs are, so individual are our compensation models. We work with both fixed models – a fixed daily rate – and package prices. The compensation, therefore, always depends on the specific project.



Even if we have not yet met in person over a cup of coffee or a glass of wine, we look forward to your call or message. Our sales contact Annika Becker will be happy to assist you.

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